• Service: Involve all affairs of appointments, salary and allowances management, confirmation of post, pension status, exam application management, administration of HRMIS system, pension management, leave management, acting affairs, employment and Industrial Training application from Public Higher Education.
  • Personnel: Involves the preparation and updating of personnel information, personnel registration, exchange applications, preparation of restructuring proposal (re-org), short service recruitment application, contract application request and so forth.
  • Training: Plan and organize courses/workshops/seminars that can be accompanied by STRIDE officers and staff, coordinate the course application organized by other agencies and manage workshops/courses and meetings related to Human Resource Management.
  • Disciplinary Management: Prepare the Disciplinary Report to be extended to the Ministry of Defence Disciplinary Board upon received of a report from other divisions.


Accounts Unit

  • Make payments via eSPKB system for procurement of services, supplies and purchases of assets.
  • Responsible for STRIDE Trust Account management.
  • Manage salaries payment for permanent and contractual employees.
  • Receive trust money and revenue through eTerimaan system, provide adjustment reports at Department level according to programs and activities.

Budget Unit

  • Coordinate budget management application for department.
  • Provide a report of operating expenses performance.
  • Manage local order production through ePerolehan system.

Development and Contract Unit

  • Coordinate financial allocation of development projects.
  • Manage payment documents for development projects.
  • Manage quotations and tenders.
  • Manage contract of services and suppliers.




  • Files;
  • Vehicles;
  • Security;
  • Customer Service;
  • Uniforms;
  • Cleanliness;
  • Service Continuity Plan;
  • Landscape;
  • Work Procedure Manual;
  • Meetings;
  • Consumables;
  • Asset;
  • Souvenir;
  • Store; and
  • Directory.


  • Plan and manage maintenance works.
  • Take action on damage complaints.
  • Supervise and monitor the works done by the appointed contractor.
  • Coordinate the scope of works or contract specifications and technical/quotations evalution.


Information Management

  • Develop sustainable and affordable ICT infrastructure and services to support STRIDE research.
  • Empower ICT to develop STRIDE citizens who are sensitive to information technology.
  • Increase and innovate ICT facilities to support activities in STRIDE.
  • Applying ICT culture among STRIDE citizens.
  • Increase the competency of CPMK staff.

Library Management

  • Strengthen and empower STRIDE citizens through relevant, accessible and high-quality library services as well as facilitate STRIDE staff to obtain reading material and access to infinite information.
  • Build a complete, comfortable, conducive and up-to-date library infrastructure to meet the needs of STRIDE citizens.

Quality Management

  • Improved STRIDE laboratory accreditation rating.