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  • To develop the first Tropical Testing Centre (TTC) in South East Asia as a Centre of Excellence (CoE).



  • To develop Tropical Testing Facilities.
  • To conduct tropical testing services on defence and commercial equipment and asset.
  • To be a reference centre on material profiles for defence, security and commercial sectors.
  • To provide database on asset and equipment storage methods for defense, security and commercial industries.



  • Vehicle Mobility Cluster

Vehicle performance subtests on three (3) platform i.e land, air and sea.

vehicle 1 vehicle 2

  • Weapon & Munitions Cluster

Testing on weapons system.

peluru 1 peluru 2

  • Human Performance Cluster

Testing on mobility, physical and mental capabilities of military personnel.

human 1 human 2

  • Equipment & System Cluster

Testing on electronic equipment and systems.

equipment 1 equipment 2