Development and Endorsement of Defence Procurement Specification

  • Develop, verify and endorse Defence Procurement Specification.

technical spec doc

Aquisition Technical Evaluation

  • Determine the suitability of equipment/system to be used in MAF.
  • Based on samples, brochures, specifications and standard.

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Calibration and Standard Measurements

  • Equipped to provide standard measurements in Electrical, Metrology, Temperature, Mechanical, EMC and Radio Frequency (RF).

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Pre-Delivery Inspection and Final Acceptance Test

  • Inspections conducted to ensure maximum performance from vehicle/equipment procured.
  • Tests are conducted to determine vehicle/equipment met the requirements or specifications.
  • Chemical, physical or performance test.

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Test, Investigation and Analysis


  • To fulfill requests and demands from MAF on the material or sample given.


  • To determine the capability and suitability of equipments, materials or systems to be used by MAF in military operation and environments.
  • Conduct failure analysis in all mishaps involving MAF’s aircrafts, vehicles and explosives.

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