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Your Privacy
This page explains the privacy policy that covers the use and protection of information submitted by visitors. If you make transactions or send e-mails that contain personal information, this information may be shared with other public sector agencies to assist in the provision of more efficient and effective services. For example, to resolve or record complaints, the required information is channeled to other government agencies.

Personal Data
Visitors may be required to submit personal information such as name and e-mail address for use of the services on this site. The service is like sending a message via e-mail, website feedback or idea/application suggestions. Any personal information submitted to this website will not be disclosed except as permitted by law.

Retrieval Information

There is no personal information you have stored while you are browsing the site except the information you decide to submit by publication order, e-mail delivery or email service subscription on this site. This website only shares your information with other government agencies if your question relates to the agency, or otherwise if required. This website does not collect information or create an individual profile for commercial marketing.

Log Information
When you browse the site, we may automatically store the following log information such as the Internet protocol address you are browsing, the date and time, the name of the website where you created the link, the filename or the word you are looking for, the details you click on pages, and browsers as well as operating systems you use.
This log information is used to measure the number of visitors who visit this site and identify the performance or system issues. We also use this information to assist in developing pages, usage pattern analysis, and to make this page more useful. This website does not share or sell visitor data for advertising, marketing or any commercial purposes.

Use of Cookies
This site creates a cookie, which is collected by a web browser to allow it to recognize you for subsequent visits. These cookies do not store your data permanently and they are also not stored in your computer's hard drive. Cookies will be deleted as soon as you close your browser.

Links to Other Websites
This site has links to other websites. This privacy policy applies only to this site. It should be noted that the website contained in the link may have different privacy policies and visitors are advised to scrutinize and understand the privacy policy of each website being browsed.

Data Protection
The latest technologies including data encryption software used to protect data submitted and compliance with strict security standards are applicable to preventing unauthorized access.

Security Policy

  • Visitor who wishes to use facilities such as feedback to this site update should register for security purposes to avoid any unexpected events.
  • Visitors are solely responsible for any information provided to this site.
  • Visitors should ensure that any file attached together (if any) is free of any bugs.
  • Government websites and private agencies that require a link to this site must obtain approval from the Administrator of this site.
  • Breaking in or attempting to hack this site is strictly prohibited.


Policy Amendment
In the event of any amendments to the policy, it will be updated on this page. Make sure you always browse the privacy and security policies section to make sure you always know what information is stored, how and when it's used.