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 1.   What is STRIDE?

STRIDE is a department under the Ministry of Defence. Working to provide technical support and scientific expertise to the Ministry of Defence.


 2.   What are services provided by STRIDE?

Technical services provided by STRIDE is as follows:

  1. Manage and conduct Research & Development (R&D).
  2. Assist in developing and validating defence procurement specifications.
  3. Technical assessment of defence procurement.
  4. Conduct operational research and advising in the development of defence capabilities.
  5. Perform failure analysis of components, materials and equipment.
  6. Testing, measurement and inspection laboratory and field.
  7. Technical consultation.
  8. Calibration and measurement precision.


3.   Is another ministry or private company able to use STRIDE services?

Yes, all ministries/government departments can use STRIDE services. Private companies can also use STRIDE services but will be charged according to the rates set.


4.   What are equipment specifications required to be confirmed by STRIDE?

All procurement specifications of the Ministry of Defence (except for ICT and medical items) should be confirmed by STRIDE before being submitted to the Procurement Division.


5.   How does the procedure get the specification confirmation from STRIDE?

  1. Submit procurement specifications to Strategic Research, Innovation and Directions Unit, STRIDE.
  2. Specification Verification Meeting will be held later with the user.


6.   How long will a specification verification process be obtained?

It usually takes eight (8) weeks to confirm one specification.


7.   How long is the validity period of one specification?

The validity period of a specification varies according to the type of item as follows:

    Two (2) Years - All equipment/systems/materials related to:
  1. Electronic Test Equipment
  2. Electronic Communication
  3. Electro-Optical
  4. Electronic Surveillance and Electronic Warfare
  5. Navigation and Electronic Simulation Systems
  6. Training Simulation System (not wholly electronic or mechanical hardware)


    Three (3) Years - All equipment/systems/materials related to:
  1. Small Arms and Ammunition
  2. Ordnance
  3. Personal Protection Armour
  4. Weapons Platforms
  5. Personal Protection (excluding armour)
  6. Mechanical and Small Electro-Mechanical


    Five (5) Years - All equipment/systems/materials related to:
  1. Land Vehicle
  2. Aerospace Vehicle and Supporting Systems
  3. Maritime Vehicle and Supporting Systems
  4. Textiles and Clothing
  5. Food and Ration
  6. Personal and Consumer
  7. Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants
  8. General Chemicals


For more information, contact us at 603-8732 4400 to connect to the related officers.

Thank you.