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Buoyancy Pool

The Buoyancy Pool is used for research and development (R&D) and technical work such as testing the suitability of protective equipment and other personnel. The tests carried out are as follows below:

  • Lifejacket’s Compliancy Testing (life jacket) based on BS EN 396: 1994 standard: Lifejackets and personal buoyancy aids-lifejackets
  • Ballistic floatation vest
  • Buoyancy test
  • Light raft
  • Underwater vehicle

The pool are also used for recreational activities and water sports.

600 metres Closed Range


List of tests conducted at 600m closed range are:

  • Ballistic Resistance of Personal Body Armor - Ballistic Body Armor NIJ 0101.04/06
  • Stab Resistance of Personal Body Armor - Anti Stab Test NIJ 0115.00
  • Test on Ballistic Helmet - NIJ 0106.01
  • V50 Ballistic Test for Armor – MIL STD 662F
  • Test on Ballistic Armor Glass - AS/NZS 2343
  • Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials - Bullet Resistance Protective Material NIJ 0108.01
  • Lease of 600m closed range
  • Ballistics Instrumentations
  • Functional test of small arm ammunitions

Non Destructive Testing Lab (NDT)


This lab works as follows:

  • Conduct welder qualification tests for welders who will be performing welding work on TLDM ships
  • Assist RMN check the quality of welding done on government assets such as ship hull in particular and other welded parts
  • Perform test plate thickness measurement using thickness gauges to determine the thickness whether it is still usable or needs to be replaced
  • Perform radiographic examination on exocet missiles and torpedos to detect any defects found on its internal structure

Land Vehicle Lab


  • Drive-through Environmental Chamber
  • Floor mounted Brake Tester
  • Tilt Table
  • Vibration Shaker
  • Sound Noise & Vibration Measurement
  • Thermal Comfort Measurement